Project: Implementation of a Sustainable System of Waste Handling
Contact person
Halyna Darchyk, Head of the Economic Development Department,
Partner municipalities:

Slavutska Town Council, Khmelnytska oblast (lead partner)
Berezdivska Village Amalgamated Community
Hannopilska Village Amalgamated Community
Krupetska Village Amalgamated Community
Ulashanivska Village Amalgamated Community

Total budget
43 878 000
1 463 000
Implementation period

Short description of the municipal partnership project

The overall goal is to improve the quality of life by implementing an efficient, integrated, and innovative waste management system and using waste as secondary resources.

Specific objectives:
  1. To create infrastructure for waste collection, sorting, and recycling.
  2. To establish a local documentary and regulatory framework as a basis for establishing a household waste management system.
  3. To raise environmental awareness and involve citizens in improving solid waste management services.
Expected project outputs:

  • A waste sorting complex has been built with a solid waste sorting line.
  • Garbage collection equipment and facilities for landfill maintenance have been purchased.
  • Five hundred mixed waste containers (1.1 m3) and 4,100 120 L containers have been purchased.
  • One hundred sixty-nine container sites have been equipped, and 500 containers have been installed.
  • A joint municipal enterprise for household waste management has been established.
  • A tender for the removal of household waste in the municipalities has been prepared and held.
  • Solid waste generation standards have been approved; economically justified affordable tariffs for waste management services have been established; contracts for waste management services have been entered with private households and residents of apartment buildings.
  • Contracts have been concluded with business entities that accept household waste for recycling.
  • Promo materials on waste management have been prepared and disseminated, and awareness-raising activities have been carried out.
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