Project: Ecologically Clean Environment Means a Healthy Municipality

Контактна особа
Kateryna Slavets, Chief Specialist, Department of Economic Development, Trade, Investments & Tourism

Партнери проєкту

Mizhhirska Village Council, Zakarpatska oblast (lead partner)
Pylypetska Village Council
Synevyrska Village Council

Total budget
8 075 000
270 000
Implementation period


Short description of the municipal partnership project

The project aims to improve the environmental status of partner municipalities by introducing a separate collection of solid waste for further processing.

Specific objective 1: Improving the environmental infrastructure of the municipalities to implement a separate waste collection system more efficiently;
Specific objective 2: Establishment of the process of collection, acceptance, and removal of raw materials for further processing;
Specific objective 3: Improving the ecological culture of community members to support the ecosystem;
Specific objective 4: Multiplication of experience and project outputs;
Specific objective 5: Ensuring the appropriate project implementation.

To achieve the goal, the project plans:

  • To provide conditions for collecting and sorting inorganic waste by residents of partner municipalities by arranging 77 waste collection sites.
  • To purchase a garbage truck to remove solid household waste from waste collection sites.
  • To organize sorting and pressing of waste in the territory of one of the municipalities by installing a mobile sorting line and hydraulic press.
  • To raise children's environmental awareness at 19 preschools and 31 schools.
  • To involve residents in removing unauthorized landfills within the municipalities and organize the contest "Our land is the best".
At project preparation, the partner municipalities are already actively working together on solid waste management.

They have an ecological infrastructure in place: waste collection sites (45), garbage containers (110), and specialized vehicles (3) and have already started the collection, sorting, and removal of solid waste, organized the first free collection and removal of unsorted garbage and free removal of sorted household waste on a regular basis (once a week) along the central road of their settlements, and opened a sorted waste reception point. The municipalities have already held large-scale waste collection campaigns.

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by