Project: Household Waste Management for Territorial

Communities of Ternopil Region

Total budget
160 120 000
5 337 000
Implementation period


Partner municipalities

Buchatska Town Council, Ternopilska oblast (lead partner)
Zolotnykivska Village Council
Koropetska Village Council
Monastyryska Town Council
Pidhaietska Town Council
Bilobozhnytska Village Council

Other partners

Municipal enterprise Pidhaitsi – Vodokanal
Municipal enterprise Bilobozhnytsia
Municipal enterprise Monastyrysky Komunservis
Municipal enterprise Hospodar
Koropetsky Group of Municipal Enterprises
Municipal enterprise Buchatsky Group of Municipal Enterprises

Contact person
Iryna Kamenchuk, Chief Specialist of the Economic Development & Investments Sector,

Short description of the municipal partnership project

  1. Create a complex for processing and disposal of waste from the territory of six territorial municipalities to prevent the removal of garbage to landfills, reduce the number of unauthorized landfills and disposal sites, and make waste processing a profitable budget item.
  2. Conduct environmental awareness campaigns among residents of partner municipalities to promote the separate waste collection and composting of organic waste.
  3. Introduce efficient mechanisms for household waste management through the introduction of separate waste collection in settlements and composting of waste in rural areas within the territory of six municipalities and disposal of sorted components through the reuse as secondary raw materials.

During the project implementation, partner municipalities will eliminate unauthorized landfills and purchase the necessary equipment and containers.

This project aims to raise living standards in the six partner municipalities by introducing a systematic approach to waste management, reducing waste generation, and increasing waste recycling and reuse.

To achieve this goal, the project will:

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by