Project: A Clean Environment as the Foundation of the Future
Municipal enterprise Property Management Company COMFORT
Department of Environment and Nature Protection, Rivnenska Oblast State Administration

Other partners
Contact person
Sergiy Vasyliovych Seredniy, Head of the Department of Social and Economic Development of the Territories of Bereznivska Town Council,;
Partner municipalities

Bereznivska Town Territorial Municipality, Rivnenska oblast (lead partner)
Malynska Village Territorial Municipality
Sosnivska Village Territorial Municipality

7 500 000
250 000
12 months
  • containers for separate waste collection;
  • a waste sorting line;
  • a shredder for large solid waste;
  • a MTZ-82 tractor;
  • a trailer with manipulator;
  • lines for plastic processing;
  • a loader.
The project provides for the purchase of the following equipment:
To achieve the project goal, a solid waste sorting complex will be constructed. The complex will be equipped with a shredder and containers for collecting and reducing solid waste disposal at the Bereznivska landfill and landfills of neighbor municipalities. The sorting line will reduce the waste intended for burial by 50%.

Waste reduction will extend the service life of landfills.
The project aims to improve the environment and preserve human life and health by introducing an efficient mechanism for solid waste management in the partner municipalities.

Description of the
municipal partnership project
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