Project: Developing Transport Connections for Vyshnivska and Liubomlska Municipalities

Contact person
Olena Pasaman, Chief Specialist of the Department of Legal Support to the Council, Record Management, Projects and Investments of the Vyshnivska Village Council

Partner municipalities

Vyshnivska Village Council, Volynska oblast (lead partner)
Liubomlska Town Council

Total budget
2 996 000
100 000
Implementation period

Short description of the municipal partnership project

The concept of the project is based on an integrated approach to address short-term issues and lay down the background for sustainable development of transport links. The project will focus on several complementary areas:
  • purchase of a bus to meet immediate transportation needs;
  • arrangement of proper and safe road infrastructure; and
  • placement of tourist signs with QR codes, pointers for "green tourism" sights and nature reserves of environmental significance.

The project's primary goal is to encourage the development of transportation services in areas currently not covered by carriers.

The implementation of the project will ensure the coherence of road transport logistics and improve the quality of municipal road transport services for the people living in the municipalities, guarantee that transport services are provided as scheduled, and improve the overall culture of transportation.

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by