Project : Major Repairs and Thermal Modernization of the Pavlohradskyi Maternity House
Other partners
Nataliya Kutsevol, Director of the municipal non-profit enterprise Pavlohradskyi Maternity House of Pavlohradska Town Council,
Partner municipalities

Executive Committee of Pavlohradska Town Council, Dnipropetrovska oblast (lead partner)
Verbkivska Territorial Municipality
Mezhyritska Territorial Municipality
Bohdanivska Territorial Municipality
Troyitska Territorial Municipality

Total budget
44 616 000
1 487 000
Implementation period
Short description of the municipal partnership project

  • To insulate facades, the ground floor; and foundation of the maternity hospital building;
  • To repair and reconstruct the entrance unit in accordance with the current standards and needs of low-mobility groups.
  • To repair internal premises and upgrade the engineering, sanitary, and technical facilities.

The comprehensive thermal modernization is expected to bring 15-20% energy savings.
The project aims to increase the energy efficiency of the maternity hospital building and ensure high-quality medical services at the level of leading European standards. The project implementation will provide a more comfortable stay for patients, save money and energy resources, and reduce CO2 emissions.

To achieve the goal, the project plans:

Additional information on the project can be requested from the Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe at