Project: Establishment of the regional repair and construction company "Pidhaietskyi Avtodor"
Total budget
47 000 000
1 567 000


Other partners

CSO Nosiv Blagodar
CSO Institute of Sustainable Regional Development

Partner municipalities

Pidhaietska Town Council, Ternopilska oblast (lead partner)
Zolotnykivska Village Territorial Municipality
Monastyryska Town Territorial Municipality
Saranchukivska Village Territorial Municipality

Contact person
Mariya Pogrebniuk, Head of the Department of Economic Development, Investments, Business Development, Agriculture and Farming of the Pidhaietska Town Council,

Short description of the municipal partnership project

The project aims to significantly improve the quality and increase the scope of repair and maintenance of roads of local and regional significance and, consequently, improve transport accessibility of the territories of partner municipalities and make them more attractive for investors and tourists.

As part of the project, a municipal service company will be established based on Communal Enterprise "Dorozhne" to repair and maintain roads of local significance within the territory of four partner municipalities. Each municipality will have its production site staffed by 8-10 employees and special machinery and equipment. Saranchukivska Municipality, which has access to the railway, will establish a warehouse of materials.

In addition, the project will also establish a contracting authority's service whose specialists will advise the municipalities on how to develop terms of reference, documentation, and procurement procedures for tenders and analyze commercial proposals of tenderers. A technical supervision service will be a part of the contracting authority's service to monitor the contractors' compliance with the scope of contracted road repairs and quality standards.

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by