Project: Establishment of the CE "Town Resource Center of Municipalities and Entrepreneurial Support"

Contact person
Svitlana Mykhaylivna Lypna, Head of the Economic Development Department:

Partner municipalities

Berezhanska Town Territorial Municipality, Ternopilska oblast (lead partner)
Naraivska Village Territorial Municipality
Saranchukivska Village Territorial Municipality

5 232 500
174 000
Implementation period
  • create and arrange an institutionally capable Communal Enterprise "Town Resource Center of Municipalities and Entrepreneurial Support";
  • provide training for the staff of the Resource Center and establish an expert community;
  • hold workshops, training sessions, round-table discussions, meetings, seminars, etc. for local authorities, prospective and active SMEs, investors, NGOs, the general public, and target groups of the population (participants of anti-terrorist operation, IDPs, women, agricultural service cooperatives, including newly-established cooperatives);
  • develop a single information resource (website) with a database presenting the region's scientific and innovative potential and the real sector of the economy;
  • make promo videos about the projects implemented so far, e g., "Women's Entrepreneurship", "Support for the cooperative movement of the Berezhany region ", "Support for certain groups, such as participants of anti-terrorist operation, IDPs ", and conduct a large-scale information campaign.
To achieve these objectives, the project will:
  • development, management, monitoring, and evaluation of projects implemented within the territorial municipalities of the Berezhany region;
  • analysis of the social and economic situation in municipalities and development problems, and submission of proposals to the relevant local governments to address such issues;
  • development of competencies and financing of prospective and operating business entities;
  • establishing interaction between representatives of the public and private sector, academic community, and the wider public (coworking area, innovation, education);
  • increasing the investment attractiveness of the Berezhany region;
  • comprehensive consulting and information services;
  • raising awareness of SMEs and prospective entrepreneurs on the conditions, rules, and opportunities for doing business, and performing many other functions (tasks) according to the Center's Regulation.
The project will establish the Communal Enterprise "Town Resource Center of Municipalities and Entrepreneurial Support", a non-profit institution staffing three employees and operating based on the principles of cooperation of the partner municipalities – Berezhanska, Naraivska, and Saranchukivska Territorial Municipalities.

The Center will focus on the following tasks:

Description of the
municipal partnership project
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