Project: Olympic reserve cluster

Total budget
410 900 000
13 697 000


Partner municipalities

Barska Town Council, Vinnytska oblast (lead partner)
Kopaihorodska Village Territorial Municipality

Other partners

Vinnytska Oblast State Administration;
Vinnytska Oblast Council

Contact person
Valeriy Khrystofor, Chief Specialist for Investment Policy of the Department of Economics, Investments & Regulatory Affairs of Barska Town Council,

Short description of the municipal partnership project
The project will organize inter-municipal cooperation between Barska and Kopaihorodska municipalities to establish and develop the Olympic reserve cluster.

The project plans to improve the sports infrastructure in the municipalities, in particular, to build a sports complex with a swimming pool and six multipurpose sports grounds, reconstruct the stadium, and arrange accommodations and recreation areas.

The project aims to develop sports infrastructure and sports tourism and build a large affordable sports center to provide a favorable environment for the physical development of people.

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by