Project: Construction of the Regional Landfill for Solid Domestic Waste
Total budget
350 000 000
11 667 000
Partner municipalities
Executive Committee of Korostenska Town Council, Zhytomyrska oblast (lead partner)
Ovrutska Territorial Municipality
Irshanska Territorial Municipality
Luhynska Territorial Municipality
Bilokorovytska Territorial Municipality
Hladkovytska Territorial Municipality
Horshchykivska Territorial Municipality
Slovechanska Territorial Municipality
Ushomyrska Territorial Municipality

Contact person
Volodymyr Vasyliovych Vyhivskyi, First Deputy Mayor,

Other partners

Department of Ecology, Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

Short description of the municipal partnership project

  • development of the layout for sanitary cleaning of Korosten rayon;
  • construction of container sites;
  • purchase of containers for separate waste collection;
  • purchase of garbage trucks and dump trucks with compost handling manipulator and organization of garbage truck traffic;
  • construction of a solid waste landfill and the related operation infrastructure, including:
  • construction of an automated composting site;
  • construction of a center for the temporary storage of secondary raw materials;
  • construction of a waste processing plant to generate heat and electricity, including cogeneration;
  • construction of a plant for the utilization of biogas from landfilled waste (for heating, electricity production, and cogeneration);
  • construction of an administrative building for the landfill staff;

The project will also organize a survey of Korosten rayon to identify and liquidate unauthorized landfills.

The project aims to develop and implement a technical model of solid waste management in Korosten rayon, including separate waste collection and composting of green waste, sorting, processing, disposal, and burial of solid waste at a modern landfill with appropriate infrastructure with minimal impact on the environment.

Expected project outputs:
Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by