Project: New construction of the domestic landfill and waste sorting line in Chobitok stow
Contact person
Tetyana Volvin, Leading Specialist of the Investment & Industry Section of the Economic Department of Nadvirnianska Town Council,,

Partner municipalities

Nadvirnianska Town Council, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast (lead partner)
Deliatynska Village Council
Total budget
120 386 500
4 012 000
Short description of the municipal partnership project

The main project’s goal is to improve the solid waste management system and introduce a separate collection, sorting, and transportation of solid waste. This will make it possible to separate secondary raw materials from solid waste for further processing and transport the rest to the landfill for disposal.

According to the on-site measurements taken at the municipal enterprise Nadvirnakomunservis, solid waste in Nadvirna has the following structure (percent of total): construction waste – 5%, food waste – 30%, paper – 7%, sweepings – 8%, glass – 10% plastic – 3%, garden waste – 2%, textiles – 5%, PET bottles/polymers – 9%, rubber/leather – 2%, metal – 1%, wood – 3%, and other waste –15% (a total of 6.6 thousand tons per year).

The designed capacity of the waste sorting line is 25 thousand tons per year.
The project provides:

  • construction of a solid waste landfill and a production building, and landfill equipment;
  • construction of a waste sorting line;
  • improvements and landscaping.
  • formation of a fleet of garbage collection vehicles and containers for collecting and removing household waste and the organization of separate waste collection; and
  • public awareness activities.
Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by