Project: Resettlement and digitalization of the auto tourist route of Mezynskyi National Nature Park
Total budget
1 500 000
50 000
Partner municipalities
Ponornytska Village Council, Chernihivska oblast (lead partner)
Koropska Village Council

Other partners
Mezynskyi National Nature Park
Contact person
Olga Kuntish, Project Manager,

Short description of the municipal partnership project

1) To arrange a tourist route with a length of 50 km in accordance with modern standards, place 20 information stands with QR codes, and develop a digital map of the route. The route will have six rest areas for tourists.

2) To promote and popularize the route using various communication channels, such as mass media and specialized publications, videos on the park's website, and regional sites.

3) To encourage the rural population and local businesses to provide services for tourists, involve homeowners and artisans in the active promotion of their services and products;

The project expects to increase the inflow of tourists to both municipalities and visitors to the national park by 10% per year.

The project's overall goal is to improve accessibility and boost the development of tourist attractions of the region and, consequently, the social and economic development of rural areas.

To contribute to building a positive image of both municipalities and increase the inflow of tourists to the national park located in the Desna River valley on 8,000+ hectares, the project plans:

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