Project: Arrangement of the complex for refrigeration, shock freezing, and storage of berry varieties

Agricultural service cooperative "Berezhanskyi krai"

Other partners
Contact person
Volodymyr Urdeychuk, Deputy Mayor, town of Berezhany,

Partner municipalities

Berezhanska Town Territorial Municipality, Ternopil oblast (lead partner)
Saranchukivska Village Territorial Municipality
Naraivska Village Territorial Municipality

4 483 000
150 000
Implementation period
  • To construct a centralized site in Berezhany and install sheds for acceptance of berries (raspberries, strawberries), reloading berries into the technical room and transfer to the pre-cooling chamber (up to t = + 2℃), shock freezing chamber (up to t = -35℃) and subsequent storage chambers at t = -18℃. The centralized site will have a 96 m3 cooling chamber, a 96 m3 shock freezing chamber, and a 475 m3 storage chamber;
  • To construct three cooling chambers (up to t = + 2℃, 96 m3 each) in three rural settlements (villages of Kuropatnyky, Nadrichne, and Saranchuky, Berezhany rayon) to store products for further safe transportation to the consumer or a centralized collection point for shock freezing and subsequent storage.
Based on the project results, gross berry production is expected to reach 280 tons per season.

The project plans:
Short description of the municipal partnership project
  1. Improving the logistics infrastructure, operation of points for the reception and pre-storage of berries;
  2. Creation of industrial cooling and freezing chambers for finished products in the territory of Berezhanska Municipality;
  3. Introduction of modern full-cycle technologies from growing to selling berries; and strengthening growers' knowledge in berry business and related development opportunities.
The project plans to involve students of Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute of the National Agrarian University of Bioresources and Nature Management.
The project will help to increase the competitiveness and profitability of agricultural producers who are members of the cooperative "Berezhanskyi krai" founded in 2016 (46 members growing raspberry on 16+ hectares).
Main project outputs:
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