Project: Restoration of the Desna River
Total budget
40 000 000
1 340 000

Partner municipalities

Pirnivska Village Council (lead partner)
Zazymska Village Council

Other partners

Basin Water Resources Management Board of the Middle Dnieper
Institute of Water Problems and Reclamation

Contact person
Lyuba Lysenko, Director of the municipal enterprise Community Development and Tourism Center of the Pirnivska Municipality,

Short description of the municipal partnership project
1) A study of the current state of the Desna River and its main dead arms in the territory of partner municipalities, including environmental monitoring to assess environmental impacts, will be held.

2) Aquatic bioresources will be added to the Desna River for artificial reproduction, and environmental education activities will be held for the local population.

3) Clearing the riverbed and stabilizing riverbanks to protect the infrastructure of settlements from bank caving and flooding due to the harmful effects of floodwaters.

The project's implementation will help create a "green corridor" for the movement of water along the existing channel and reduce the likelihood of significant changes in the shape of the riverbed and riverbanks.

The project's goal is to improve the hydrological and sanitary conditions of the Desna River within the Pirnivska and Zazymska territorial municipalities, Kyiv oblast.

The project will improve the sanitary condition of the water reservoir, contribute to environmental protection, and help shape people's values and beliefs to care for the environment. As a result, it will help to make Pirnivska and Zazymska municipalities more attractive for tourists. For this purpose:

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