Project: Establishment of the Crisis Center in Dunaievtsi Town, Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Total budget
6 038 749
201 292


Other partners

Municipal institution of Dunaievetska Town Council Territorial Center of Social Services
Municipal non-profit enterprise Dunaievetska Multifield Hospital

Partner municipalities

Dunaievetska Town Council, Khmelnytskyi oblast (lead partner)
Novodunaievetska Village Council
Bronykivska Village Council
Yarunska Village Council
Contact person
Mykola Gelyardovych Ostrovsky, Head of the Social Protection & Labor Unit of the Dunaievetska Town Council,

Short description of the municipal partnership project
The project aims to develop a system of counteraction and prevention of violence within the two communities of Khmelnytskyi oblast – Dunaievetska Town Council and Novodunaievetska Village Council.

For victims of domestic and gender-based violence, the project provides for:

1) the establishment of a crisis center where victims (women, men, and their children) can stay for a while on a 24/7 basis; the establishment of a hotline service and provision of comprehensive specialized assistance to such persons, including information, counseling, psychological, legal, and medical assistance.

2) raising public awareness about the forms, signs, causes, and consequences of domestic and gender-based violence and institutions offering high-quality assistance.

3) improving the interaction between stakeholders responding to and preventing domestic and gender-based violence by developing and implementing an algorithm for emergency response and interaction of stakeholders in the organization of support and assistance.

Residents of 86 settlements of Kamyanets-Podilskyi district in Khmelnytskyi oblast can use the services of the crisis center.

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