Project: Increasing human capital through the development of healthcare and municipal partnerships
Total budget
127 500 000
4 250 000


Contact person
Ivan Anatoliyovych Kaminsky, Adviser to the Mayor, Executive Committee Support Service, Korostenska Town Council,
Partner municipalities

Korostenska Town Council, Zhytomyrska oblast (lead partner)
Horshchykivska Village Council
Irshanska Village Council
Luhynska Village Council

Municipal non-profit enterprise Korostenska Central Town Hospital of Korostenska Town Council
Municipal non-profit enterprise Korostenska Central District Hospital of Ushomyrska Village Council
NGO Wind of Hope and Love

Other partners

Short description of the municipal partnership project
The project provides the development of quality and accessible healthcare services for residents of 13 municipalities in Korosten district, Zhytomyrska oblast, and will promote the development of municipal partnerships.

1) Modernization of the healthcare facility to make patients’ stay more comfortable and improve the quality of specialized emergency care. Material and technical resources will also be improved. The project will repair the 8-story building and reconstruct the building to organize the hotel, and equip the take-off and landing area.

2) Expansion of the volume and scope of inpatient medical care: Regional Emergency Care Center, Regional Mother & Child Center, Regional Multifield Surgical Center, and Regional Multifield Therapeutic Center. It is also planned to organize an air medical service to provide prompt inpatient care.

The project plans include::
3) Conducting training and info meetings for residents of relevant age groups / with specific comorbidities as part of disease prevention activities.

The project implementation will reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events (hypertension) by 0.5%, acute myocardial infarction and acute stroke by 1% (each), and malignancies by 0.5%.

Additional information on the project can be requested from Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe by