Project : Improve of the material and technical base of the Communal Enterprise "Yarmolynetska Multipurpose Hospital"

Total budget
20 650 000
690 000
Partner municipalities

Yarmolynetska Village Council, Khmelnytska oblast (lead partner)
Solobkovetska Village Council

Other partners

Communal NGO “Yarmolynetska Multipurpose Hospital”, Yarmolynetska Village Council

Contact person
Iryna Petrivna Drahomeretska, Head of the Economic Development & Investments Unit, Yarmolynetska Village Council,
Short description of the municipal partnership project

1) To reconstruct the heating systems of the departments of the Yarmolynetska Multipurpose Hospital to comply with the required heating conditions.

2) To strengthen the material and technical resources of the secondary healthcare institution by purchasing one CT scanner and two expert-class lung ventilators.

3) To improve the accessibility and mobility of emergency medical care services for the people. For this purpose, the intensive care unit will be equipped with an elevator, and one basic ambulance will be purchased to transport patients.

The implementation of the project will cut down the time required for the transportation of critically ill and emergency patients to the intensive care unit from 15 minutes to up to 5 minutes, reduce respiratory disease mortality and achieve budget savings for about UAH 1,200 thousand during the heating season given the current tariffs in heating bills.

The project aims to provide high-quality and affordable services at the level of secondary medicine in Yarmolynetska and Solobkovetska Village Territorial Municipalities and other groups of patients in need of emergency medical care.

The project focuses on restoring and building the infrastructure of Communal NGO "Yarmolynetska Multipurpose Hospital", which is a primary point of care for patients with infectious intestinal diseases from other territorial municipalities of the region. The project plans:

Additional information on the project can be requested from the Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe at