Project: New Construction of the Centralized Water Supply and the Associated Facilities for the Settlements

Total budget
319 035 000
10 634 500
Implementation period
Partner municipalities
Burshtynska Town Council, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast (lead partner)
Halytska Town Territorial Municipality
Bilshivtsivska Village Territorial Municipality
Dubovetska Village Territorial Municipality
Other partners
NGO Local Economic Development Agency Prykarpattia
Contact person
Yana Stanislavivna Shtogryn, Head of the Investments & Strategic Development Sector, Burshtyn Town Council,

Short description of the municipal partnership project
The project plans to build 12 phases of centralized water supply networks and related facilities to achieve this goal. The construction of well-type pressure-rising pumping stations with two pumps (with one as a backup) was designed. The designed system provides a pressure of at least 10 m of the water column at each point of the network.

The first version of the feasibility study for this project was developed in cooperation with local businesses. Currently, the applicant has developed the design documentation and estimates at the stage "P. Project" and has a valid expert opinion, EIA report, terms of reference for connection to the power supply network, permits for the construction of booster pumping stations, and terms of reference from Ukrtelecom and Ukrzaliznytsia.

The project provides the development of design documentation and estimates at the stage "R. Working Project".
The project's overall goal is to provide an uninterrupted water supply with high-quality drinking water to the residents of the partner municipalities by building a central water supply system and related facilities.
Additional information on the project can be requested from the Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe at