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U-LEAD with Europe
International Expert Exchange 2021
December 7-8th, 2021
About the Conference

The conference will round off a year of significant progress for local self-governance in Ukraine. Competences transferred to Ukrainian municipalities during the period have increased not only their financial autonomy, but also their level of responsibility and the challenges they face.
Further, 2021 has seen an influx of energy and vision after the recent municipal elections, not least in the field of local development.

Given the importance of cooperation between and synergies across municipalities, the International Expert Exchange 2021 will address the topic of municipal partnerships as a driver of local development.

The conference aims to inspire participants, providing them with food for thought regarding partnerships between municipalities: why is partnerships/cooperation between municipalities desirable; what can they achieve better together; what might have the larger regional impacts; what are the potential risks and challenges? A specific objective will be to showcase selected local development projects of regional significance currently under preparation within the U-LEAD initiative launched in April 2021.

Themes addressed by the conference main sessions will comprise the macro issues areas that all local governments have to tackle – thus,

1) the local economy
2) the environmental infrastructure
3) the social inclusion, and
4) the digital transformation.

Exchange Area

In order to allow for exchange and networking between peers, experts, and other relevant stakeholders, an “exchange area” facility will be ensured during the conference. To this end, “exchange meetings”, titled “Ask the Expert!” will be held on conference themes in parallel with the main sessions. At registration conference participants will be able to select up to 4 exchange meetings and submit questions/points they would like to see addressed.
Video of the Сonference

Day 1
December 7, 2021

Day 2
December 8, 2021

  • Piotr Żuber

    «Remarks on factors of making municipalities strong socio-economic agents. Case of Poland»

  • Jurij Kobal

    «Lessons lerened on business support infrastruture »

  • Donat Magyari

    «Digital transformation on local level: lessons from the EU experience»

  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

    «Institutional/administrative capacities and their contribution to the success of municipal investment projects»

Conference Agenda
Day 1
December 7, 2021

Day 2
December 8, 2021

Exchange Meetings Agenda
Day 1
December 7, 2021

“How to invest into cycling infrastructure in municipality?”

Expert: Vadym DENYSENKO, Sustainable mobility expert
Moderator: Yana BRYK, Public Infrastructure Adviser, U-LEAD with Europe

“How to start recycling waste in a municipality?”

Expert: Oleksandr IGNATENKO, Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe
Moderator: Ljubica KOSHELIUK, Regional Development Adviser, U-LEAD with Europe

“What are key success factors when preparing Terms of Reference for a water management project?”

Expert: Serhiy KARELIN, Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe
Moderator: Oleh CHERNYSH, Municipal Investments Adviser, U-LEAD with Europe
Day 2
December 8, 2021

”How to establish a business support services/centre in a municipality?”

Expert: Serhii TROKHYMYSHYN, Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe
Moderator: Yaryna STEPANYUK, Partnership and Cooperation Advisor, U-LEAD with Europe

“Establishment of business parks: key 'Dos' and 'Don'ts'?”

Expert: Artem SACHUK, Senior project manager “Investment climate and economic growth”, Office of Reforms, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Moderator: Dzmitry KORBUT, Senior Expert of the U-LEAD with Europe

“How to create a touristic brand for your municipality”

Expert: Galyna MALETS, Regional Projects Team of the U-LEAD with Europe
Moderator: Maksym CHOPEY, U-LEAD’s Regional Office in Ivano-Frankivsk
Conference Speakers and Moderators
Welcome Speakers
Keynote Speaker
Sessions' Speakers
"Ask the Expert!" Speakers and Moderators
Municipal Partnership Projects Initiative
of the U-LEAD with Europe

The Municipal Partnerships initiative aims to enhance the capacity of municipalities to prepare investment projects independently and improve access to funding resources.
In Spring 2021, 195 project ideas were submitted by almost 400 municipalities applying partnership approach: 130 of these project ideas were selected for further capacity development support and were considered solid project ideas.

In September, representatives of 130 selected project ideas received training on how to develop their project ideas into concepts with a budget and programme for realization, including consideration of key management and cross-cutting issues. Seven clusters of project ideas, based on commonalities in issues and key problems to be solved during development were organised. Municipalities then submitted detailed project concepts: a total of 71 project concepts were received.

In the first week of November the U-LEAD with Europe conducted eight special sector trainings for the seven clusters of the local development projects of regional significance, the first being used to show municipalities how to conduct feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and develop project budgets. Special cluster trainings covered SMEs and Business Parks, Tourism and Recreation, Water and Waste Management, Environmental Management, Energy Efficiency, Transport and Mobility and Public Services . Training was delivered by a team of Ukrainian and international experts.

These events are being followed on with two half-day events on investment finance.
The presentations are being delivered by EBRD, Ministry of Communities and Territories Development, Ministry of Finance, UkrGasBank, the EU Poland-Belarus-Ukraine CBC. Four types of financing are covered: IFI financing by EBRD and EIB, grants and subventions from the state budget, commercial debt and support for infrastructure in the CBCs. Municipalities will be undertaking a practical exercise to determine which type of financing is most appropriate for their projects.

Once municipalities have made any final changes to their concepts using the training inputs, there will be four parallel finance-oriented selection panels to choose approximately 30 project proposals that can be submitted for financing. The panels will include representatives of the financial institutions.

Once the finalists have been identified, each will have a small support programme
from U-LEAD that will assist in the detailed pre-feasibility stage that will take place during the first quarter of 2022. The finalists will also be presented as concrete
examples in the International Expert Exchange linked to Decentralisation Week
from 7th December 2021.